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Dog Squad

The Dog Squad facility is a speciality at BSFMS, where we provide dogs that are trained to provide support to the security guards at factories, industries, or corporate offices and help in protecting the premises. They are trained to identify and bark at people who are suspicious in nature. The dogs at BSFMS Security guard agency in Hyderabad are German Shepherds and usually mixes of this breed. We could train any dog to be a part of the dog squad, but we at BSFMS believe that guard dogs should be of a good breed and should have muscle, weight, and should look fierce.

Dog Squad Services in Hyderabad

Investigation And Detective Services

BSFMS provides the best investigation and detective services in Hyderabad. We only need raw information from our clients and then our intelligent investigating personnel will resolve your issues in a timely manner without any hassles. We are experts in investigating fraud, conducting employee background checks, investigating civil and criminal issues, shadowing services, tracking fake and anonymous callers, blackmail and more. The personnel deployed for this service are usually ex-army, ex-police, or from some service background. They are highly motivated, sharp and handle all cases with confidentiality.

Executive Protection And Escort Services

Executive protection means providing personnel or bodyguards to provide an individual. This protection could be because of that individual’s status or threats to him, or his net worth is high. These executive protection facility management services in Hyderabad, also provide protection for family members from threats and extortion. These specialized personnel used for executive protection are specially trained in martial arts, driving, first-aid, and knowledge to handle all kinds of emergencies. Our clients for such services include VIPs, top-notch businessmen, and politicians whom we protect from any sudden attacks or any emergency situations. Our executives are trained and capable of defending our clients.

Security guard agency in Hyderabad
Quality Management Services in Hyderabad

Quality Management

BSFMS provides the best quality management services in Hyderabad & Best security guard services in Hyderabad. BSFMS oversees all activities of their personnel from time to time so that the quality is not compromised and the level of excellence is maintained at all times. There are four key features of this quality management service in Hyderabad; firstly quality planning is finalized, quality assurance is maintained, quality control is supervised and quality maintenance is checked from time to time. We ensure all our personnel speak English, Hindi, and Telugu. BSFMS Security Guard Agency in Hyderabad sends patrolling officers without notice to the client’s premises to check on the security guards. Quality is maintained at all times throughout the year.

Pest Control

Pests in homes and places of business pose significant risks to public health because they contaminate products, destroy structures, and create other types of property damage. The specialists at BSFMS have spent a significant amount of time and effort creating comprehensive methods to deal with pest problems in a broad variety of settings. Services for the control of unwanted pests such as cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, and rats 100% guaranteed to work in a timely manner. In most circumstances, hiring a pest control company to handle the job for you yields results that are both more efficient and more quickly achieved. They can also save you money in the long run by detecting pest problems early on and getting rid of them quickly, so averting an expensive infestation and/or damage in the long run.

Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

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Be Secure Services provides the most reliable and effective integrated security services anywhere. Today, security requires much more than an uniformed presence in the lobby and a suite of integrated electronics. Privacy, risk managment, policy creation and enforcement and investigations all fall within the security paradigm.

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